Name of scheme


Important Bird Areas (IBA) monitoring in Africa

Biome (terrestrial; freshwater; marine)


What is monitored


Human resource use and wildlife

Who compiles data


Community members

Number of community members involved


100 community members (2003)

Spatial scale. Size of area monitored


77,000 ha in one area (2003), since then more areas have been added

Methods used


Methods include, e.g., species lists and simple photography

Year of initiation



Funded by


Funded by GEF/UNDP project ‘African NGO-Government partnerships for sustainable biodiversity action’ and UK Government’s Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species


Documents or publications available


Bennun 2001, Arinaitwe 2003, Ng’weno et al. 2004, Bennun et al. 2005

Organizers and contact details


The organizers are Leon Bennun, Paul Matiku, Ronald Mulwa, Solomon Mwangi and Paul Buckley. 

BirdLife International, Wellbrook Court, Girton Road, Cambridge CB3 0NA, UK; Nature Kenya, P.O. Box 44486, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya; National Museums of Kenya, P.O. Box 40658, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya; Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, The Lodge, Sandy, Beds., SG19 2DL, UK. E-mail:


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