Fifteen different case studies were presented and discussed at the symposium. These fifteen case studies have been published in a Special Issue of Biodiversity and Conservation Volume 14, Number 11, October 2005


Special Issue: Monitoring matters: examining the potential of locally-based approaches

Guest Editors: F. Danielsen, N. Burgess and A. Balmford

Download abstracts or full text:

1. Danielsen F., Burgess N. and Balmford A. / Monitoring matters: examining the potential of locally-based approaches  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

2. Rijsoort J.v. and Jinfeng Z. / Participatory resource monitoring as a means for promoting social change in Yunnan, China  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

3. Bennun L., Matiku P., Mulwa R., Mwangi S. and Buckley P. / Monitoring Important Bird Areas in Africa: towards a sustainable and scaleable system  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

4. Poulsen M.K. and Luanglath K. / Projects come, projects go: Lessons from participatory monitoring in southern Laos  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

5. Stuart-Hill G., Diggle R., Munali B. Tagg J. and Ward D. / The Event Book System: a community-based natural resource monitoring system from Namibia  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

6. Danielsen F., Jensen A.E., Alviola P.A., Balete D.S., Mendoza M.M., Tagtag A., Custodio C. and Enghoff M. / Does monitoring matter? A quantitative assessment of management decisions from locally-based monitoring of protected areas  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

7. Topp-Jørgensen E., Poulsen M.K., Lund. J.F. and Massao J.F. / Community-based monitoring of natural resource use and forest quality in montane forests and miombo woodlands of Tanzania  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

8. Noss A.J., Oetting I. and Cuéllar R.L. / Hunter self-monitoring by the Isoseño-Guaraní in the Bolivian Chaco  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

9. Becker C.D., Agreda, A., Astudillo E., Constantino M. and Torres P. / Community-based monitoring of fog capture and biodiversity at Loma Alta, Ecuador enhance social capital and institutional cooperation  ABSTRACT   FULL PAPER

10. Brashares J.S. and Sam M.K. / How much is enough?
Estimating the minimum sampling required for effective monitoring of African reserves   ABSTRACT  FULL PAPER

11. Gray M. and Kalpers J. / Ranger based monitoring in the Virunga-Bwindi Region of East-Central Africa: a simple data collection tool for park management  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

12. Townsend W.R., Borman A. R., Yiyoguaje E. and Mendua L. / Cofán Indians’ monitoring of freshwater turtles in Zábalo, Ecuador  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

13. Andrianandrasana H.T., Randriamahefasoa J., Durbin J., Lewis R.E. and Ratsimbazafy J.H. / Participatory ecological monitoring of the Alaotra wetland in Madagascar  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

14. Uychiaoco A.J., Arceo H.O., Green S.J., De la Cruz M.T., Gaite P.A. and Aliño P.M. / Monitoring and evaluation of reef protected areas by local fishers in the Philippines: tightening the adaptive management cycle  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

15. Hockley N.J., Jones J.P.G., Andriahajaina F.B., Manica A., Rakoto F.E., Ranambitsoa E.H. and Randriamboahary J.A. / When should communities and conservationists monitor exploited resources?  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER

16. Roberts R. L. Donald P.F. and Fischer I.J. / Project Kagu: Developing a web-based data collection system for the global monitoring of bird distribution and abundance  ABSTRACT    FULL PAPER


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