Name of scheme


Hunter self-monitoring by the Isosen˜ o-Guaranı´ in the Bolivian Chaco

Biome (terrestrial; freshwater; marine)



What is monitored


Populations of selected mammals

Who compiles data


Community members

Number of community members involved


125 (2003)

Spatial scale. Size of area monitored


400,000 ha in one area (2003)

Methods used


Methods include, e.g., village group discussions (hunter self-monitoring)

Year of initiation



Funded by


Funded by United States Agency for International Development USAID, CABI (“Capitanía del Alto y Bajo Isoso”, an indigenous organization)


Documents or publications available


Ayala and Noss 2000, Cuellar 2002, Noss 2000, Noss and Cuellar 2001, Noss et al 2003, Noss et al 2004, Noss et al 2005, Painter and Noss 2000

Organizers and contact details


CABI (Capitanía del Alto y Bajo Isoso) and Wildlife Conservation Society-Bolivia, Casilla 6272 Santa Cruz, Bolivia E-mail:; Fax: +591-3-332-8681


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